About our Mission and Spacecraft

The STM Sat-1 mission is to perform Earth observation and engage grade school students around the world as remote Mission Operation Centers. Our mission spacecraft satellite is very small. Spacecraft of this size are known as nano-satellites. This CubeSat model kit is very popular among amateur satellite builders.

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Breaking News


June 2015 – The antenna was installed on top of the Mission Operations Center.

We have been assigned to a new launch. STMSat-1 will be launched to the International Space Station on November, 19th from the Kennedy Space Center.

The first task for the students when they return to school will be testing the Mission Operation Center communication system. They will be tracking and receiving data from Low Earth Orbit spacecraft.

Since the launch is now in Florida, the students will be able to view the launch in person.

Please continue to visit our website over the summer for the latest mission up-dates.

Godspeed STMSat-1 !

May 2015 – With the help of NanoRacks, the STMSat-1 spacecraft passed the fit-check with the flight deployment system and the vibration test.

April 2015 – Check out the latest images of the STMSat-1 Satellite (Flight Hardware)

February 2015 – St. Thomas More Cathedral School Establishes Canadian RMOC

October 2014 – The spacecraft is undergoing final flight integration. The solar arrays and deployable antenna will be installed next month. The spacecraft will go through a vibration test in January 2015. The flight hardware will be provided to the launch vehicle team in mid February 2015.

October 2014 – The students continue to participate in space related activities. This month they learned about Computer Aided Design (CAD), rapid prototyping (3D printing) and engineering model testing. The students will visit the Orbital Sciences Cygnus spacecraft bus that will carry the CubeSat to the International Space Station. This visit will take place in early November.

September 2014 – Everyone is really excited about the launch in April 2015. The students will have a day off school to watch the launch on Wallops Isand, Virginia.

June 2014 – STM students shared with Catholic Life TV how they intend to explore God’s Universe with their very own satellite.

June 2014 – Students are working on a new strategy for deploying the antenna using fishing line and the natural heat produced by a resistor.

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