How to Setup Facebook Ad Campaign for more Likes

Facebook Like could be a trend these days, with the additional variety of likes a page/product/website has, the additional branded it’s referred to as. It not simply ends with Facebook likes however the upvoting in any social bookmarking and networking web site, just like the Stumbleupon stumbles, and Google +1 votes, Diggs, Delicious bookmarks etc. however after you square measure in a very social network, the quantity of likes is one would attempt to swank on their websites, and this shows however well the page is unfold and likeable by folks globally. a bit like the opposite services, Facebook too has the paid ad campaigns, exploitation that you’ll be able to usher in additional “likes” for your webpages on Facebook. This ad effort is named the Facebook Advertising.

With the Facebook advertising feature you’ll established ads, and have kind choice within the ads, and set them to pay Facebook just for the ads that square measure clicked, and also the daily budgets is set. Here is however you’ll setup the Facebook advertising campaigns of your Facebook page to herald additional Likes –

Go toFacebook Advertise page, and click on on the “Create Ad” link. Then you’d be taken to a page to style Your Ad. Destination Page needs to be hand-picked, the sort of ad (Facebook ad or Sponsored stories, what you always see on the sidebar), setting the title for the ad, body with the text, image to be shown beside the text.

Next step is that the targeting of audience, supported many factors. Facebook will the targeting supported the knowledge shared within the profiles. as an example, if you’re promoting a page that’s concerning reducing weight, it might suit the cohort of 30+ to fifty years, you wish to line the audience age target etc. and Facebook would show the ads to the users of that age vary. you’ll target the ads to specific locations too, i.e. supported the countries. Facebook setup would provides a rough estimation of what percentage target guests would be seeing your ads, supported the targeting you’ve got done. you’ll even target the folks on their birthdays, and supported their relationship interests, and education data.

Once the putting in place of the planning and therefore the targeting of audience is completed, you wish to review your Facebook ad units, and set the bid sort, the Bid per click, and therefore the daily budget.

After the reviewing is completed, you wish to substantiate it and so add a funding supply, either a mastercard or from your Paypal account. Once you set that, the ad campaigns would mechanically charge and cut the balance from your paypal supported the daily budget you’ve got set and also the quantity spent.

Add your paypal account, and it gets confirmed in someday, and therefore the ad putting in place completes. The ads would show up within the Facebook sidebar for the target market.

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