Best Ways to Optimize WordPress Images to Speed-Up Website

If you are running a WordPress website, then you should know how to optimize images in WordPress. It will not only speed up your site but also improve overall performance and user experience.
A WordPress website with unoptimized images will apparently take more time to load and hence your SEO performance decrease. Also, the visitors may not like your site due to more loading time.
Best SEO Plugin for WordPress to Optimize your WebsiteWhat is a Blogger and how do they Make Money?So, before going through the real process, you should know that what exactly image optimization is and how it is helpful in your website SEO? Let’s have a look at these topics:
What is Images Optimization:
Image optimization is a process of compressing all images present on your site. Type of file doesn’t matter in it. It’s your choice whether you are using JPEG files or PNG files. Compressing all kind of images is necessary.
Image optimization will also help in resizing the images. High-resolution graphics will take time and hence your site loading time will increase. To avoid that, WordPress can resize your pictures with some plugins.
Once resized, it will show the required dimensions images which will load fast and reduce the loading time. It will boost your website speed and improve the SEO of the site.
How does Image Optimization help in SEO?
Fast website loading is one of the significant factors in SEO ranking. Apparently, if your website has large graphics, then it will load slow, and Google doesn’t like slow sites.
So, it is highly recommended to optimize all your images to avoid loading delay. In WordPress, it is effortless to optimize images with the help of plugins.
Before beginning let me make you clear that Image Optimization is not necessary for E-Commerce websites. If you are running an online business with WordPress, then I recommend not to resize the images.
If you still want to compress images for an E-Commerce website, then I suggest you go for the manual way. Just go TinyPNG and upload your pictures. Compress them and reload to your site.
Yoast SEO Setup Guide for WordPressAutomatic and Manual ways to Optimize Images:
In this article, I am going to discuss two ways to image optimization. One is using plugins, and another one is a manual way using a 3rd party website.
In plugins method, we use different plugins to optimize images. It’s a simple process, and we just need a useful plugin.
Manually I will tell you about a website where you can upload your images, and it will compress them automatically for the best quality possible.
How to Optimize Images in WordPress with WP Smush Plugin:
Optimize images in WordPress with WP Smush plugin is easy. If you are a beginner, then this is the simplest way to optimize all the images on your website. WP Smush scans all the pictures you upload to the site.
The benefit of this plugin is that it will automatically compress all the images while uploading process. You don’t have to make any extra efforts for that.
WP Smush removes unnecessary data from the image file and scales it. It will automatically scan all the root folders for images and smush them in a single click. Let’s have a look below:

Procedure to Optimize Images in WordPress with WP-Smush Plugin:

1. The very first step is to install the plugin. To do that go to WordPress Dashboard->Plugins->Add New. You will be redirected to the plugin directory. Enter WP Smush in the search bar as shown below:
The very first plugin named Smush Image Compression and Optimization by WPMU DEV is WP-Smush plugin. Don’t get confused by the name.
2. Click on Install now and then Activate. Once activated you need to find it under Media tab in WordPress dashboard. As shown below:
3. Click on it, and you will now redirect to plugin page where it will display total un-optimized images and a BULK SMUSH button. Directly hit the button and no need to touch any other option unless you need some. As shown below:
In this way, you can merely compress all your images wp smush plugin and improve your website speed and performance.
How to Optimize Images in WordPress with EWWW WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin:
EWWW is another great plugin for image optimization in WordPress. If you want some extra options and control over image optimization, then this plugin is a perfect choice. It has various advantages like:
Unlimited File SizeWorks with JPG, PNG and even GIF filesNo effect on SSLOriginal images backupBetter compression/quality ratio and much moreProcedure to Optimize Images in WordPress with EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin:
1. Go to the plugin installation page and search for EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. It will appear in the first position. Click on Install now and then Activate option. As shown below:
2. Like WP Smush, you will see EWWW Plugin under Media tab. As explained below:
3. Click on it, and you will be redirected to plugin homepage where you have all the options related to image optimizations and compression. As shown below:
4. Click on scan for un-optimized option and then click on Start Optimizing option. The optimization process will begin.

How to Optimize Images in WordPress with other Plugins:

Apart from above plugins, we have many different plugins which will help you in optimizing images to improve site speed. Let’s have a look at few:
1. ShortPixel: ShortPixel is one of the most loved plugins for optimizing images in WordPress. The only problem is that you can optimize only 50 pictures with it. After that, you have to buy credits for it. Download Now
2. SEO Friendly Images: This plugin is used to insert/override ALT tags in all images. ALT Tags are crucial for SEO and highly recommended by Google.
Just go to the plugin installation page and search for SEO Friendly Images. Install the plugin and Activate it. No need to do anything now. Its all operations are automatic.
How to Write a Good Article | Blog Writing for BeginnersEarn Money Online without Investment in IndiaHow to Optimize Images in WordPress using Manual Method:
If you want WordPress image compression without losing quality, then I recommend going to the manual method. This method will work if you have an E-Commerce website. Let’s begin:
1. Firstly, keep your all image files on your PC. Keep them in a simple location like desktop etc.
2. Now open a website called TinyPNG. Click here, and you will be redirected to TinyPNG website. As shown below:
Just drag all your images in it, and it will automatically compress them for the best quality possible. After compression, download the pictures and upload them to your website.
How to Make a Great Blog | Become a BloggerImprove Domain Authority | 5 Best Ways to Boost Domain AuthorityConclusion:
In this guide on how to optimize images in WordPress website, I have covered following things which will help you in optimizing images:
What is Image OptimizationNeed of Image Optimization for SEOThe automatic or Manual  way to Optimize ImagesHow to Optimize Images in WordPress using WP SmushOptimize Images in WordPress using EWWW Image OptimizerImage Optimization in WordPress using other PluginsHow to Optimize Images in WordPress using TinyPNGIf you have any doubt or suggestions, please let me know through comments.

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