Professional Skateboarding Tips

On this page I am not going to bore you with how to ride a skateboard. If you are entertaining the notion of being a professional skateboarder then you know all of that jazz. It is likely that you know most of the tricks in the book, or at least enough to impress people. It is also likely that you know how to ride a skateboard without falling off.

I am also going to assume that you ride at least once every so often. Instead the idea of this guide is to share a couple of skateboard tips from the professionals. These are tips that absolutely every professional skateboarder out there will abide by. Some are general knowledge. Other things you may not even have considered before. In any case; I will try and make this tip guide as useful as possible.

Firstly; if you are going to be a professional skateboarder then you need to practice. An hour a day simply is not going to cut it. You will need to put in many hours a day if you are going to good. Do not stick to just practising in one location either. If you want to skateboard at a pro level then you need to be as familiar with as many environments as possible.

This means cranking out your skateboard at a variety of skate parks. If you have a local authority who doesn’t mind that you skate in public then do that as well. Just make sure that you do not injure anybody.

You are also going to need to practise a lot of tricks. In fact; most professional skateboarders are constantly adding to their trick repertoire. If you are new to the scene then it is likely that one or two new tricks a week should be fine. As you get better though, try to make sure that you craft your own tricks. You want to impress the judges at any tournaments you enter, right?

You should also try to find sponsors as soon as possible. This is where the majority of your cash is going to come from. You will get some for winning tournaments, but free money and product from sponsors is going to beat all. It is hard to attract sponsors nowadays (a lot of people are after them after all).

I suggest that you record a skateboard video and get it up online somewhere (try to make sure it is professionally edited). Try to look for companies who may be interested in sponsoring skateboarders (i.e. who have a product or service that would do well in the eyes of those who ride a skateboard), and send them your video. You may get lucky. You will even want to enter as many tournaments as you possibly can. If you win a few, this will get you noticed.

Tournaments! You need to enter them. You are not a professional skater if you skate around a park all day. You need to win something. Medals, trophies, cash. Just enter the tournaments. I am sure there will be a skateboard tournament operating in your area somewhere.


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