Our Mission and Spacecraft

The STM-Sat-1 mission is to perform Earth observation and engage grade school students around the world as remote Mission Operation Centers. The STM-Sat-1 satellite is very small. Spacecraft of this size are known as nano-satellites. This CubeSat model kit is very popular among amateur satellite builders.



Our Team

The Mission Possible STMSat-1 CubeSat Project is led by student and adult managers. The STM Mission Manager is Eleanor McCormack (principal), the NASA Mission Manager is Joe Pellegrino (parent), and the Spacecraft Manager is Steve Rozzi (parent and nano-satellite expert). Students rotate in specific job roles so that everyone has a chance to learn about a position. Jobs include spacecraft specialists, bus manager, payload specialists, and public relations.  The mission team is made up of more than 400 students that have all helped in their own ways to shape the STM space program. Teachers provide curriculum connections in the classroom through hands-on activities and culminating projects that tie in grade level academic standards.



Our Partners

Thanks to all the partners and sponsors of this exciting project. Click here for a listing.