Intel Wants Wireless PCs

The computer aisle can be an awfully overwhelming place, especially when it comes to getting the cables needed to fire up your PC. This has been a problem that all of us have had to deal with ever since our first word processor. Having to deal with complicated PC cables is the main reason why we often times long for someone who would help us make sense of it all. Thankfully, that someone is Intel.

Few would deny that Intel’s vision is to invent the future and challenge the status quo. The PC giant, together with its long running partner, Microsoft, has ruled the roost of the personal computer market since day one and is now sitting on a mountain of cash that’s even higher than Mt. Kilimanjaro. I guess sitting at such a height is the reason why they are able to see the future, as in, a personal computer which runs wirelessly.

According to the latest computer technology news, Intel recently flexed its fiscal muscle at the Computex Tradeshow in Taipei, where it made its plans for a wire-free PC public. According to Kirk Skaugen, GM and SVP of the PC Client Group at Intel, the company is currently developing new wireless technologies which will enable users to connect all the components of their personal computer via wireless technology or Bluetooth. In an attempt to give users a completely wire-free PC, Intel is investing in new wireless technologies for the removal of the clutter that is created with display connectors, power cords and other peripheral cables that are absolutely necessary for a fully functioning personal computer at the moment.

During the keynote, Skaugen also shared their plans of developing new wireless technologies for display, docking. Data transfer and charging as well. The new technologies that are being developed will allow the integration of all components wirelessly.

In order to carry out the task of providing a complete wire free PC by 2016, Intel is working on a new Core processor “Skylake” which will be the successor of the next generation Broadwell chip, which will have wireless, docking, display, and data transfer and charging capabilities.

According to the latest computer technology news, perhaps one of the biggest aspirations of the company is to rid PCs of wires by using WiGig technology, which is about three times faster than the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. While companies such as Dell are already offering WiGig docks to bridge monitors and PCs, Intel has high hopes for this latest cutting edge technology, which has the potential to replace the current DisplayPort and HDMI technologies which are widely used in both desktop and tower PCs.

Recently, the advancements that have been made in wireless technologies has made almost anything possible and wire free and hopefully, tangle-free PCs are just a start to a future where WiGig will be widely used as a short range docking technology. Apart from that, Intel is also working on new wireless charging technology known as magnetic resonance charging technology. The system will be installed under the surface of any table and will have a magnetic resonance which will be capable of charging a Tablet, laptop, phone or headset through two inches of wood. Unlike inductive charging technologies, with using magnetic resonance a user will be able to wirelessly charge multiple devices at once.


Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 via Love Apps

The next big event for this year is just a few days away and some new love app for making your Valentine’s day special are already released to the market for Android and iOS platforms. There are numerous applications for those who want to do something special for their loved ones this Valentine. All these offer some ideas which will help you in making the day special for you and your beloved.

First, there is a Valentine day special app for the owners of the devices like Galaxy Note 3 running on the Android operating system. You will be able to learn the history of the day using this application along with the top 10 romantic gifts listed under it. A choice can be made easily viewing these gifts available which can be purchased for your beloved. Some other features included in this app are: sweet recipes, love poems, tips for singles, romantic SMS messages, Valentine’s Day ringtones and many more. You can easily download this application for free from the Google Play Store.

Another app which has been recently updated for the owners of the android devices is known as the Valentine’s Day. It allows the users of various android phones to enjoy wallpaper fully customized on their handset by choosing it from 40 more available there. You can make a choice from the images of flowers which can further be cropped to fit the size of their device and this could thus be added to the device of your loved ones. This will enable to change their wallpaper on daily basis to let them know how much you love them and care for them.

Also, a free app is available to celebrate this festive this year known as the Valentine Day SMS 2014. This app helps you to send SMS and messages which come from a number of quotes on wishes. You can share these wishes over various social network sites like Twitter, Facebook etc or can also send them to friends via e-mail, SMS by making a simple tap on the app available on the Play store.


HTC launches HTC One mini

Each and every company would flourish to launch a flagship device of their own– it is not only a concern of technological achievement, but one of pride as well. Nevertheless, what is the factor of tooting your trumpet if you do not have a flagship that can duking it out with the very best of the remainder out there? HTC understands that they have a champion with the HTC One on their submit the recent past, where it has picked up primarily rave evaluations from the masses as well as journalism, yet still, the HTC One was unable to aid HTC provide a stellar quarter when it comes to incomes. Having claimed that, this has not quit HTC from relocating the ideal direction, and they have actually merely revealed the HTC One mini, keeping in vein with the “mini me” theme that smartphone manufacturers, Samsung especially, merely love to play with nowadays.

The HTC One mini is said to be HTC’s supreme 4.3″ mobile phone, after all, it does have HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe and HTC BoomSound, all attributes that are offered on their HTC One flagship, as well. The HTC One mini would certainly continue in the same well-known layout flow of the HTC One, where you will certainly discover that the 4.3″ screen is simple on the eyes, while a highly effective dual-core 1.4 GHz processor assists operate procedures from underneath the hood. Not only that, it will certainly likewise be powered by the latest variation of the Android os, where it will be gone along with by HTC Feeling.

Coming in Glacial Silver and Stealth Black colors, the HTC One mini takes pride in a striking light weight aluminum unibody in a slim profile, looking fee regardless of which angle you’re beginning it down from. Not only that, there is also HTC BoomSound, which is HTC’s dual frontal stereo speakers that provide much less distortion and finer specific, and headphone fans will certainly enjoy the Beats Sound integration that delivers immersive sound to the upcoming level. It stays to be seen merely the amount of money the HTC One mini will certainly cost, yet it is tipped to show up in choose markets from August onwards, before a worldwide rollout in September.


How to shop online safely ?

Online eCommerce is a growing business. With the help of internet you can purchase almost anything online at a reasonable price and services like free shipping make this online shopping further more interesting. Online payment methods are too easy, if you have a debit or a credit card, you can shop online virtually anything.

But there is also a dark side of online shopping. Almost everyone knows how to shop online but very small fraction of the people know how to shop online safely. We are least concerned about the safety of online shopping. Our one small mistake can make us bankrupt. Thousands of people are scammed online and the money they lose is really big.

If you think only purchasing goods online from a reputed site is considered as online safety then you are doing a very big mistake. Even if you are shopping from a genuine site, your credit card info can easily be stolen. In this article we will discuss on tips to shop online safely.

The very common method used by hackers and online thieves to steal information of any computer user is Phishing. Phishing is a process in which a site looking similar to any online shopping site is setup and user is asked to visit the fake(similar looking) site. On phishing page, user selects his or her product and selects the payment method and types in his or her credit card information. One a victim presses Submit button, all of the credit card information is sent to the online thief and he misuses your credit card information. By creating similar appearing page, the convict easily is able to fool the victim.

If getting fooled online through phishing is easy then not getting into phishing is also too easy. To prevent phishing, you should avoid reading fake mails and visiting fake website. To know whether the email you are reading is fake or genuine, all you have to do is to look at the address from which you received email. If it appears misspelled or any similar error is there then it’s sure the mail you’re reading is fake. Nowadays hackers get succeed into sending fake emails from REAL EMAIL ADDRESS, so in this case to find whether the email is fake or not you have to check it’ content, if it appears too promising then it’s fake for sure. Also try not to click on any link inside fake email since it may contain malicious software or can take you to phishing page. Finding whether the website you are accessing is fake or not is also very easy. Just look at address bar of your browser and check website address carefully, if it is misspelled or slight different from actual website then it’s sure the website is a fake website intend for Phishing.

Beside phishing, your credit card and other sensitive information can also be known by hackers through malicious virus programs such as keyloggers, keylogger stores the log of pressed keys(including credit or debit card information) in computer and then sends it to the convict who misuses the information. To avoid getting trapped into viruses, install an reputed antivirus program and update it regularly and try not to download suspicious programs from internet.

Till now we discussed about ways through which sensitive information such as credit or debit card information can be known by a wrong person who can misuse it. But what if the site from where you want to shop is not duplicate of anyother site , in this case how would you find whether it will send you product after payment or just take money and do nothing ? So to over come from such situation you should first check whether the site from where you have decided to purchase any product is a reputed site or not. You can check online reviews of any online shopping site to ensure it has good services. Another way through which it can be known whether a particular site can be trusted or not is by looking at URL of payment and login page. The URL of a payment or any other page where you enter sensitive information such as user name or password should be like . If there is http:// instead of https:// then the site might not be a trust worthy site because https is considered as a safe secure protocol while http might not. If https protocol is present then make sure that site as genuine SSL certificate. Usually a secure site might have security certificate link and/or privacy seal.

You should also be cautious when you are entering your personal information from any public shared computer such as computer in cybercafe. In such computers never save your personal sensitive information such as card details and password.

Beside all these suggestion I personally recommend all the people to install and use a Linux Operating system such as Ubuntu for very purpose of safe online shopping because Linux has almost zero viruses and hence you might stay safe.

If you follow above mentioned tips then you might experience a safe online shopping.


How to Setup Facebook Ad Campaign for more Likes

Facebook Like could be a trend these days, with the additional variety of likes a page/product/website has, the additional branded it’s referred to as. It not simply ends with Facebook likes however the upvoting in any social bookmarking and networking web site, just like the Stumbleupon stumbles, and Google +1 votes, Diggs, Delicious bookmarks etc. however after you square measure in a very social network, the quantity of likes is one would attempt to swank on their websites, and this shows however well the page is unfold and likeable by folks globally. a bit like the opposite services, Facebook too has the paid ad campaigns, exploitation that you’ll be able to usher in additional “likes” for your webpages on Facebook. This ad effort is named the Facebook Advertising.

With the Facebook advertising feature you’ll established ads, and have kind choice within the ads, and set them to pay Facebook just for the ads that square measure clicked, and also the daily budgets is set. Here is however you’ll setup the Facebook advertising campaigns of your Facebook page to herald additional Likes –

Go toFacebook Advertise page, and click on on the “Create Ad” link. Then you’d be taken to a page to style Your Ad. Destination Page needs to be hand-picked, the sort of ad (Facebook ad or Sponsored stories, what you always see on the sidebar), setting the title for the ad, body with the text, image to be shown beside the text.

Next step is that the targeting of audience, supported many factors. Facebook will the targeting supported the knowledge shared within the profiles. as an example, if you’re promoting a page that’s concerning reducing weight, it might suit the cohort of 30+ to fifty years, you wish to line the audience age target etc. and Facebook would show the ads to the users of that age vary. you’ll target the ads to specific locations too, i.e. supported the countries. Facebook setup would provides a rough estimation of what percentage target guests would be seeing your ads, supported the targeting you’ve got done. you’ll even target the folks on their birthdays, and supported their relationship interests, and education data.

Once the putting in place of the planning and therefore the targeting of audience is completed, you wish to review your Facebook ad units, and set the bid sort, the Bid per click, and therefore the daily budget.

After the reviewing is completed, you wish to substantiate it and so add a funding supply, either a mastercard or from your Paypal account. Once you set that, the ad campaigns would mechanically charge and cut the balance from your paypal supported the daily budget you’ve got set and also the quantity spent.

Add your paypal account, and it gets confirmed in someday, and therefore the ad putting in place completes. The ads would show up within the Facebook sidebar for the target market.


How To Locate The Best Bargain To Your New Blackberry Phones

A brand new Blackberry mobile phone is fingers down the very best kind of mobile phone available on the market these days! The uk blackberry features of a blackberry telephone are phenomenal. These days a whole new Blackberry cellphone just isn’t just a a telephone, but e mail, sms, organizer, tackle guide, arcade, media player, picture taker, navigator, chat messenger, calculator, alarm clock, and more in an all-in-one unit. A single with the greatest capabilities of any Blackberry is its battery lifestyle. You are able to leave the telephone on for days and days in standby mode and it’ll proceed to complete its work of viewing all of your incoming communications. With that being mentioned, let’s take a look with the leading 3 types which can be available on the market nowadays:

one. Blackberry 8830 new cell phones

The RIM BlackBerry 8830 Planet Edition smartphone could be the 1st global CDMA/GSM UK BlackBerry Rental. It really is integrated with Worldwide BlackBerry service, an ‘always-on, blackberry uk constantly connected’ wireless e-mail remedy delivers access to e-mail, contacts, calendar, organizer and also the World wide web while your consistently within the go. With all the blackberry 8830 new cellular phones, users can place and receive voice calls from one neighborhood range for domestic and worldwide use from in excess of 150 countries and deliver and acquire emails inside the U.s., Canada and much more than 60 countries worldwide.

two. Blackberry Pearl 8130

The Blackberry Peal is a good mobile phone and fifty percent the value from the Blackberry Curve! The excellent interface allows you to control approximately ten e-mail accounts at a time. It is possible to integrate your enterprise and personalized e-mail accounts all into one account. Yet another fantastic advantage of the Blackberry Pearl is that it is possible to open attachments through the document viewer, the document viewer, which supports a variety of kinds of a variety of types of documents. Furthermore, the blackberry pearl features a media player which supports a myriad of file formats for films and songs. Furthermore the Pearl has Bluetooth connectivity, a complete keyboard, a built-in speakerphone, EDGE higher pace wireless Blackberry rental data, a speakerphone technique, broadband EV-DO wireless data, and trackball.


How to get indexed in Google search engine within 1-2 days for every post

I found too many people who are finding that how to get indexed in Google search engine ? How to tell Google that I published a new post on my blog? And how to get good serps (Search engine ranking position ) within 2-3 days. If you are a new to blogging then you must be suffering all these problems. Sometimes it also happen that you wrote a post and it takes 2-3 months to get indexed in Google search engine. For solution of above listed question I am writing this post and i am sure that if you follow the steps which i will tell you in this post then your every post will get higher serps within 2-3 days.

Regular Posting

First thing you have to do is regular posting on your blog. Actually Google bots investigates your blog that in which amount of time your blog is updated? And on basis of that it will decide the crawl ratio for your blog. If you updates your blog rarely then Google bot also crawls your blog rarely. So if you wish that you write a post and it reach in search engine within 1-2 days or within few hours then be regular in posting your on your blog. If you update your blog 2-3 times in a day then Google will crawl your page everyday or it twice in a day.

Send signal to Google

After publishing your post How Google will know that you updated your blog? For tell Google that you have published a new article on your blog you have to sent a signal to Google search engine. If you are using word press then there is no need to send a manual signal to Google because In Word press when you publish a new article it will ping a Google by using default services. You can add other pinging services in word press. If you are using a blogger platform then keep in mind that Blogger is not using any services. You have to manually send a signal that your blog is updated. For that purpose too many pinging services available. I am using

Ping – o – Matic. So whenever you publish a new post send a signal to Google search engine. Keep in mind that overuse of this service can spam your site in Google search engine. Do not ping when you update a older post, Use this service when only publish a new post.

If you follow above two steps then i am sure that your every post will get indexed in Google search engine within a 1-2 days . After getting indexed in Google you must be wanted to get higher serps in Google search engine. For that purpose you have to do onpage and offpage seo on your blog.


How to differentiate the site round number

Site realize, print product, can reflect, publish surface level wait for and the intersection of color and steps transfer deeply or lightly ‘ Light and shade) Base unit with natural boundary. It plays the decision and prints the product color, function of the level and image outline in press. So only as big as site to could reproduce color of the original manuscript while being faithful while being accurate make a plate, guarantee the printing craft makes better result.

Behave by size of the site because of printing the deep or light intensity of the product layout, the site of the area of different size, is commonly called as ” becoming ” on crafts . Only understand the concept of the site round number accurately, could use the site to be printed off and most close to the seal product of the color of the original manuscripted well. So, print the knowledge that operators and quality testing personnel should know in round number which knows the site. Describe several kinds of site round numbers as follows briefly now:

Distinguish fifty percent less than round number of site, to can hold equal black drop of site count, come on, recognize according to the intersection of opposite side and two space between being black. Namely in the space between two black sites of the opposite side, can put the black sites of three drops of equal size, a site become; If in the distance between two sites, can hold one Liang of likewise large sites, called twenty percent of the sites; If between two sites Yes 1 is put. The sites of 5 grains of equal size, are named thirty percent of the sites; Can hold 1 if between two sites. 25 sites of the same size, are called forty percent of the sites; Can hold a site of the same size if between two sites, that is to say black point and white point each take half in the unit area, it is fifty percent of the sites. And fifty percent, in order to discrimination to go site, with can hold how much of the same size white point come on, weigh between the the intersection of opposite side and two white point. According to arranging the law in the site, networks held count in two white point interval, just sixty percent are the same as forty percent; Seventy percent are the same as thirty percent; Eighty-percent are the same as twenty percent; Ninety percent become the same with 1.

The above-mentioned situation shows, the so-called site round number is the percentage accounted for in the unit area. If 1 become site 10%, 2 become 20%, the others analogize, 100% are the layout on the spot. Arrange the rough analysis of the situation from the positive site, if black point is greater than the white point, it is fifty percent, in order to go to the site; If black point is smaller than the white point, it is under fifty percent site. The denser the site round number crosses the black of product layout of great seal, simple on the contrary. The size of the area of site, has determined the change of the layout level. Usually the level on the picture is divided into three steps and adjusted the level, namely the lofty tone level makes up by 1 to thirty percent of the sites, form the bright position on the picture. Adjust the level and display the light and shade transition position of the picture in the middle, usually 4 to sixty percent of the sites make up. And the dense dark picture composed of 7 to ninety percent of the sites is the low-key level. Print the most bright place on the layout, the high mere part is that 1 becomes the following sites.

In sum, only know the round numbers of the site accurately, could utilize the site to change the law well, produce the printing plate which accords with the original manuscript, print off the color printing products with accurate color, with satisfactory quality, this is exactly a goal of quality control too.


How to Add Commodities to an Investment Portfolio

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I have previously stated that commodity investments aren’t a great strategy for beginning investors. The high volatility and ease of access to leverage can easily lead to heavy losses beyond those of the initial investment. However, for those who do wish to gain exposure to commodities in their portfolio, here are a list of mechanisms that you can utilise.

Commodity Trading Mechanisms

Direct Commodity Ownership: Certain commodities (typically the non-perishable type) lend themselves to being directly owned. Oil, gas, coffee, pork bellies and frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) are examples of perishable commodities that would be difficult to personally store and transact. Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are good examples of commodities where direct ownership makes sense. The simplest mechanism is to obtain gold and silver coins, e.g. UK gold Sovereigns, South African Kruggerand or gold/silver American Eagles. One can also store bullion (“ingots” or bars) in the form of gold, silver, platinum, copper or nickel at a specialist vault. The storage of such commodities will likely be subject to a cost of carry, which is a continual payment for holding the commodity owed to the storage firm. Direct ownership makes less sense in today’s society, especially with the advent of sophisticated financial products such as Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Spread Betting.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): ETFs are a relatively new trading mechanism, where units of investment funds are bought and sold on a stock exchange in an identical manner to traditional equities. The underlying funds themselves may have a remit to invest in almost any asset class. Thus, individual investors can gain access to alternative asset investments that may otherwise have been unavailable. Many ETFs support commodity investments, so one straightforward mechanism to gain exposure to commodities is to purchase ETFs that track their respective spot prices. Hence you will find spot gold, spot oil, spot gas and even spot pork belly ETFs. In order to purchase these ETFs, one can contact a broker in exactly the same manner as investing with traditional equities and thus diversify a portfolio with minimal difficulty.

Equity Ownership in Commodity Firms: A more “traditional” method of investing in commodities, albeit indirectly, is to purchase equity directly in firms specialising in commodity retrieval, processing or storage. Thus you might look into equities (either public or private) that have an interest in, e.g. mining, for precious metals; energy, for oil and gas extraction and refinement; agriculture, for livestock and grain processing. The major difference when investing in a firm, as opposed to the commodity directly, is that the firm may be significantly more illiquid than the underlying commodity you wish to gain exposure to. Further, you are investing in a business and thus will exposed to the risk of its balance sheet and income statement, not just the fluctuations of the commodity price.

Commodity Derivatives: Commodity derivatives are an extremely powerful tool for gaining large exposure to commodities as an investment. However, they are also extremely dangerous as they allow significant margin (i.e. leveraged control) and can are highly volatile. The two main mechanisms utilised for commodity derivatives are commodity futures and commodity options. The former allows substantial leverage on underlying commodities prices, but also the promise of a high return. Professional commodity futures speculation is the domain of the Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and not often a retail investor. Commodity options are similar in that high leverage can be achieved, although with the correct structure of option, the downside risk can be limited. Options prices are subject to their own market dynamics so I would not recommend trading commodity options to the beginning investor.

Spread Betting: Spread Betting is a relatively new technique, available in the UK to consumers, that allows leveraged bets with the spread betting firm on almost any liquid underlying asset class. In particular, spread betting allows exposure to foreign exchange, fixed income, commodities and equities, among other asset classes. The benefits of spread betting include access to leverage as well as full income and capital gains tax exemption. Fundamentally, spread betting is not too dissimilar to working with futures, as the spread betting firm will be hedging their positions with these derivatives anyway. I would not recommend spread betting to the beginning investor as it is easy to lose all of your initial capital and substantially more, if not careful.

A Small Warning on Adding Commodities to a Portfolio

Commodities have traditionally been added to a wider portfolio in order to increase diversification. Further, commodities have historically had weak correlations with some other asset classes and so could be “depended upon” to provide a safe(r) haven in times of higher volatility elsewhere in the market. In practice, due to the ever-increasing interdependence of global financial markets, asset classes that are normally uncorrelated can rapidly become correlated and all head in the same direction (often down), during times of adverse market conditions. Thus one should be very wary about relying on commodities as an uncorrelated diversification mechanism against a traditional equity/fixed income portfolio.


Holographic Technologies: Making the World Your Office

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how much a holographic image would be worth?” Now there’s something to think about huh!

According to the latest information technology news three-dimensional holographic projection technology is loosely based on an illusionary technique called Peppers Ghost. Pepper’s Ghost was typically used to create ghostlike figures on stage in the late 1860’s.

While the technique has been around for some time now, and has advanced many times over since, many folks do not understand the difference between the technology of Holography and Spectral Imagining and they often get the technologies confused. Holography has specific limitations that have kept it from being able to do the things that we would associate with as being more mainstream such as the holographic images that we know of from the Star Wars movies. But the massive success of the AV Concepts-powered holographic image of Tupac that rocked the Coachella Music Festival in 2012 brought mainstream attention to the powerful potential of modern holographic technology.

If you own a business and need to bring your product to life (literally!), now Scalable Holographic Displays are available to give your audience something new and exciting to think about.

Scalable holographic displays are fully integrated 3D projection platforms that use the most cutting-edge technology, which enables you to enhance your product or service by displaying it in a way which is sure to garner the audience’s attention.

The stylish display combines actual objects with 3D imagery, then lends a virtual reality aspect to the audience’s viewing experience. This technology is catching up to the retail industry as well, with more and more high end retailers using it to jazz up their retail stores and tradeshows, besides that, the Scalable Holographic Displays can also be used by museums to bring history to life and give youngsters a first-hand experience of the prehistoric world.

The Need

The interest in 3D viewing is nothing new and although the public has embraced this experience since at least the days of stereoscopes, the manufacturing of holographic data disks and holo-technology drives were just a matter of research. Besides they were too costly and clumsy to be used commercially or be considered as something that could be feasibly marketed to the public. But according to the latest information technology news, with the passage of time, and the advancements in technology, holograms are fast becoming an exciting and surprisingly cost-effective way of displaying items which are either too large or too costly to transport to new locations.

With the visual stimuli that is constantly facing consumers these days and with the help of the broadening field of virtual reality, IT and optics industries are now driven to design even better boom –mounted displays, as well as the hardware and software which is needed to capture the attention of the public in the most untraditional way.

The Bottom Line

3D holographic projection technology clearly has a big future ahead of it and as audio and visual displays continue to get more and more high profile credibility, we’re likely going to see more companies advertising their products in this way, whether it be for the large scale or smaller retail POS systems.