Help Apple by Reporting the Problems with Maps

With the much publicised problems with Apple Maps still floating around the news it’s often fun to joke about it and even complain on social media when things go wrong. The thing that many don’t realise though is there are ways that people can actually help Apple with the problems by highlighting where the problems are, and where the application has gone wrong.

They may or may not take notice of these reports, the fact is they may be getting too many from annoyed customers, but some may just help them. This is why it’s useful to know just how to report to them where a problem is, or a location that has been missed (even your business that you want to be noticed on the map). The fact is the functionality is there to report errors or areas of note so why not use it?

Reporting the Problem with iOS 6 Maps

The chances are that if you found the problem in Maps that you want to report then you already have it open, but if not launch Maps from the Home screen. Tap the “Page curl” on the bottom right of the screen and then tap the text to “Report a Problem”. Fill in the details about what the problem is by choosing what type of problem you want to report, clicking next then selecting what is giving you the problem. Add any comments you think are needed then tap send. This will then be sent to Apple so that the problem can be fixed in the data base.

To add a location to the map itself launch the map again, and press the page curl. Report a problem as before and then select that a location is missing and tap location. Click next then drag the purple pin to the location that you want to identify then tap send. Add comments to describe the location if you are asked. Apple will then receive this suggestion and if it meets criteria they will add it to their mapping. Apple’s Map software connects to Yelp to get its business data so you may find that if you add your information there it may add that to the maps automatically, this is dependent on the Apple Map software working correctly of course.

If you question why it’s important to provide information about problems with the Maps software when Apple already knows there is a problem then you just have to think, if the maps are wrong how can Apple catch every error? The way it actually does this is through the help of its users. The only way any developer can provide bug fixes is through the help of the users themselves, and for Apple that is you (if you use Maps of course).

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