Hidden Camera Detector

There had been many incidents when hidden cameras were used to spy on people or the hidden cameras were used in the trial room of the showrooms. Even the politicians like Smriti Irani were a victim of this and each and every person is scared of such hidden cameras. Until now, there was no efficient tool to detect the hidden camera but now, there is an application on Android to detect such hidden cameras. The name of the application is Hidden Camera Detector and the application is totally free. Let us now look at the features of this amazing hidden camera detector. Features of Hidden Camera Detector • The application uses the magnetic sensor of the phone and it detects the hidden camera by checking the magnetic field in the surrounding area. There is a specific type of magnetic activity which occurs around a hidden camera and this application basically detects that.

• The application can also use the infrared sensor in your phone to detect the camera. All you need to do is that you need to scan the area with the camera of the phone and you will be able to sense the presence of camera if there is any.

• It is also possible to calibrate the sensitivity of the application and you can keep the sensitivity between the 60 to 80 percent to get the right reading on your phone.

• In addition to the features mentioned above, the application also comes with tips and tricks section so as to provide you with tips to find the hidden camera in the closed space. These tips can also help you in finding the camera behind the mirror.

The application may also detect the surrounding metallic object and it certainly requires certain human intervention for a deeper analysis. The algorithm of the application works perfect but there are certain cases when the application may give false alarm because of the magnetic wave in the surrounding area. In such a case, the user would need to check for the presence of any lens Talking about the feedback, the application has received more than 4315 reviews and it has over 2300 5 star reviews. The overall rating of this application is 4 stars and the developer’ of the application keeps on updating the application and they also fix all the known bugs. The application has been download by 10 lakh to 50 lakh users and the only requirement of the application is a phone with Android 3.2 and a magnetic sensor. All the phones have a camera and hence the infrared sensor can work without a problem. This is not a very heavy application and hence it would not slow down your Android environment. So you can download the application right now and save yourself from any sort of harassment that you may face because of any hidden camera. In case if you found any hidden camera, do make it a point to report it to the police as it is not legal to install hidden cameras.

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