Holographic Technologies: Making the World Your Office

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how much a holographic image would be worth?” Now there’s something to think about huh!

According to the latest information technology news three-dimensional holographic projection technology is loosely based on an illusionary technique called Peppers Ghost. Pepper’s Ghost was typically used to create ghostlike figures on stage in the late 1860’s.

While the technique has been around for some time now, and has advanced many times over since, many folks do not understand the difference between the technology of Holography and Spectral Imagining and they often get the technologies confused. Holography has specific limitations that have kept it from being able to do the things that we would associate with as being more mainstream such as the holographic images that we know of from the Star Wars movies. But the massive success of the AV Concepts-powered holographic image of Tupac that rocked the Coachella Music Festival in 2012 brought mainstream attention to the powerful potential of modern holographic technology.

If you own a business and need to bring your product to life (literally!), now Scalable Holographic Displays are available to give your audience something new and exciting to think about.

Scalable holographic displays are fully integrated 3D projection platforms that use the most cutting-edge technology, which enables you to enhance your product or service by displaying it in a way which is sure to garner the audience’s attention.

The stylish display combines actual objects with 3D imagery, then lends a virtual reality aspect to the audience’s viewing experience. This technology is catching up to the retail industry as well, with more and more high end retailers using it to jazz up their retail stores and tradeshows, besides that, the Scalable Holographic Displays can also be used by museums to bring history to life and give youngsters a first-hand experience of the prehistoric world.

The Need

The interest in 3D viewing is nothing new and although the public has embraced this experience since at least the days of stereoscopes, the manufacturing of holographic data disks and holo-technology drives were just a matter of research. Besides they were too costly and clumsy to be used commercially or be considered as something that could be feasibly marketed to the public. But according to the latest information technology news, with the passage of time, and the advancements in technology, holograms are fast becoming an exciting and surprisingly cost-effective way of displaying items which are either too large or too costly to transport to new locations.

With the visual stimuli that is constantly facing consumers these days and with the help of the broadening field of virtual reality, IT and optics industries are now driven to design even better boom –mounted displays, as well as the hardware and software which is needed to capture the attention of the public in the most untraditional way.

The Bottom Line

3D holographic projection technology clearly has a big future ahead of it and as audio and visual displays continue to get more and more high profile credibility, we’re likely going to see more companies advertising their products in this way, whether it be for the large scale or smaller retail POS systems.

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