Intel Wants Wireless PCs

The computer aisle can be an awfully overwhelming place, especially when it comes to getting the cables needed to fire up your PC. This has been a problem that all of us have had to deal with ever since our first word processor. Having to deal with complicated PC cables is the main reason why we often times long for someone who would help us make sense of it all. Thankfully, that someone is Intel.

Few would deny that Intel’s vision is to invent the future and challenge the status quo. The PC giant, together with its long running partner, Microsoft, has ruled the roost of the personal computer market since day one and is now sitting on a mountain of cash that’s even higher than Mt. Kilimanjaro. I guess sitting at such a height is the reason why they are able to see the future, as in, a personal computer which runs wirelessly.

According to the latest computer technology news, Intel recently flexed its fiscal muscle at the Computex Tradeshow in Taipei, where it made its plans for a wire-free PC public. According to Kirk Skaugen, GM and SVP of the PC Client Group at Intel, the company is currently developing new wireless technologies which will enable users to connect all the components of their personal computer via wireless technology or Bluetooth. In an attempt to give users a completely wire-free PC, Intel is investing in new wireless technologies for the removal of the clutter that is created with display connectors, power cords and other peripheral cables that are absolutely necessary for a fully functioning personal computer at the moment.

During the keynote, Skaugen also shared their plans of developing new wireless technologies for display, docking. Data transfer and charging as well. The new technologies that are being developed will allow the integration of all components wirelessly.

In order to carry out the task of providing a complete wire free PC by 2016, Intel is working on a new Core processor “Skylake” which will be the successor of the next generation Broadwell chip, which will have wireless, docking, display, and data transfer and charging capabilities.

According to the latest computer technology news, perhaps one of the biggest aspirations of the company is to rid PCs of wires by using WiGig technology, which is about three times faster than the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. While companies such as Dell are already offering WiGig docks to bridge monitors and PCs, Intel has high hopes for this latest cutting edge technology, which has the potential to replace the current DisplayPort and HDMI technologies which are widely used in both desktop and tower PCs.

Recently, the advancements that have been made in wireless technologies has made almost anything possible and wire free and hopefully, tangle-free PCs are just a start to a future where WiGig will be widely used as a short range docking technology. Apart from that, Intel is also working on new wireless charging technology known as magnetic resonance charging technology. The system will be installed under the surface of any table and will have a magnetic resonance which will be capable of charging a Tablet, laptop, phone or headset through two inches of wood. Unlike inductive charging technologies, with using magnetic resonance a user will be able to wirelessly charge multiple devices at once.

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