Regular Blog Posting VS Proper Promotion: Which is Better?

I am sharing this article with you all bloggers. Here I am about to discuss your opinions as well as expressing mine for whether the regular blog posting on a blog gives you high results or proper promotion/marketing of a single post properly gives you a boost in your traffic?

How was it started?

Firstly I would tell my practical view upon this. About 2 months ago I had a small conversation with my really good friend (hope yours too) and pro-blogger- Amrik Virdi.

At that time I personally believed that regular blog posting on a blog gives you the best result in ranking as well as driving traffic to your blog. As you all know very well- Content is KING. Simply, I would like to express that daily publishing a post is liked much by audience.

But later on as I told I had a chat with Amrik Bro. He recommended me to promote a single post properly on various social media/networking sites. At that time I was balanced in between whether to do regular posting or to promote a post for a week properly.

In basic way, he was trying to motivate me to write a viral post not in hurry but in 5-6 working days. Amrik recommended me to give my best work on a single post and then to promote it with my full effort behind my audience and followers.

Result after 1 Month:

After following Amrik’s tips and recommendation; I found an increase in the traffic. But not well gain in my rankings. I have also noticed that regular posting gives better rankings in Alexa.

But if I notice the main point then from my point of view both have their own significance in blogging. Basically that means:

There will be a negative impact on your audience if they got the old posts every time they visit your blog and

There will be no such traffic to your if you don’t promote your content well on various Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc


So, the point is what do you all bloggers think about it. Whether the regular posting is better or the proper marketing of the post.


Please give your feedback and opinions for this.

I’ll really appreciate your views.

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