How I Generate Lots of Blog Traffic By Submitting Quality Articles to Article Directories

Let me share with you how I personally generate good amounts of traffic to my blogs. Without a doubt during the early days of any new blog, before you have built a community around your blog, the best way to generate good traffic to your blog is by writing quality articles or posts and then submitting them to the Article Directories.

With so many ways available to generate traffic to your blog, its difficult in the early days of creating a new blog, to decide where to focus your efforts. Of course you would love to get your blog ranked well so having your link on other highly ranked sites or blogs is a good thing. So submitting your link to search engines, paid directories and commenting on other people’s blogs is part of this. But all these ways have limited traffic generating abilities in the early days of your blog because it takes time to achieve higher page ranking so that people can find your blog in the search engines, especially if you have chosen a pretty competitive niche to blog about.

The way I use to generate good traffic to my blogs in the early days is to write quality articles and then I submit them to the many article directories.

However, let me qualify this statement by saying that this is not a 100% guaranteed sure-fire method that will work no matter what articles you write. The key here is that you need to write quality articles that people will want to read. You need to spend time on these articles or posts because what you want is for readers of your articles to be interested in what you are talking about and that they will both publish your article on their blog, site, ezine or newsletter as well as have readers click your URL in the resource box to visit your blog. The more this happens, the more traffic you get (as well as backlinks to your blog which helps with page rank).

So how do you write quality articles that will get readers reading and traffic coming in?

Here are some steps to follow to help you write quality articles that will gain your blog traffic:

1. Grab attention quickly! With so many articles and authors competing for readers attention (some of the larger article directories have 60,000+ authors registered), you need to be able to grab the attention of your reader quickly and have them keep reading. Work on your title so that it sounds compelling and will stand out from the crowd of articles within the same category. A great way to capture attention is to use personal experience. If there’s anything readers are looking for, its results, so if you are able to share with them the results of your success, then they are wanting to read it. Just like the title of this article.

I’ll be writing a post on dedicated to attention grabbing titles soon, so stay tuned!

2. Keep attention with a strong opening paragraph. Once a reader has decided to open your article because you grabbed them with a compelling title, you need to get the reader into the meat of the article with a compelling opening paragraph. Some good opening statements include:

* “I bet you can’t tell me…”
* “This may come as a surprise to you…”
* “How many times have you…”
* “Here’s a really simple way”

3. Solve problems. Readers are looking for ways to solve problems. You should thus think to yourself, what is the problem I am trying to solve in this article. Describe the problem to your readers in a paragraph and if you have some compelling statistics that enhance the seriousness of the problem, all the better. You should then write a statement stating how the article you are writing will solve this problem.

4. Make some good solid points. Write some good solid points about the solution you are offering for this problem. If your title played on your personal experience, make sure you talk about that in the article. You should make at least 3 good points in your article, if not more. Do a bit of research and see if you can collate the results of that research into your article. Make sure you offer points that are informative – not just telling you the same thing that everyone already knows.

5. Conclude Well. Wrap up your article with a brief conclusion. You want to summarize to the reader that by following the points in your article, then they can solve their problem or experience the same results you achieved. You want the reader to go away with the feeling that they can do it too!

6. Final Statement – Motivate or Perish! You want to reader to be motivated to do something, so its good to finish your article with a motivational statement. Give them a call to action to do something. Ask a question, encourage a response or give them a task to do even if its as simple as “put these points into practice and you can solve your problems”.

7. Work On the Resource Box – Its very important to work on your resource box. This is the link back to your site. Make sure you write some lines here that present a call to action for the readers so that they want to visit your site. Do not simply just write the name of your blog and the URL.

So, briefly, the best way that I use to generate good amounts of traffic to my blogs especially in the early days is by writing quality, compelling articles and submitting them to the article directories. The emphasis is on creating good articles that people want to read. By following some key steps, you can be assured of attracting readers to your articles and getting them to click through to your site.

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